Teaching Methodology Applied by CBSE schools in Bhopal

Effective teaching strategies are designed to meet tutorial goals every year. CBSE Schools in Bhopal apply certain effective teaching strategies and methods that flourish the student’s learning capabilities. A school is a place where the child learns to get grasps the syllabus and get socialize within the community.

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Set of effective strategies:

Get to know the students – This is essentially important because not every student has similar learning capabilities. Providing the appropriate study material to improve their grade levels according to their grasping capacity.

Explaining the study material clearly – Students acquire best when the lecturer clarifies the material well and breaks down the tough concepts into small and easy to understand format. It is significant to have a good grasp yourself on the topic, to teach patiently, and understand the confused and questioning facial expressions of the student.

Promoting student independence – The core purpose of CBSE Schools in Bhopal is to build up the student’s learning abilities so that they can easily remember the topics taught in the classroom and can figure out the doubt from it. They give a chance to each student to think in an independent manner where they can enhance their critical thinking ability and also improve their level of confidence. They also get to learn the ability to work independently rather than depending on their parents and peers.

Engage the student’s interest in the study material – The best teaching method makes one curious and motivated to learn new things and this can be done through passing interesting stories or example that can attract a student’s interest for the topic. Therefore, it is essential for teachers to be creative and should be able to apply several effective teaching strategies to make the students easily understand and grasp the topic.

Providing immediate feedback to students – CBSE Schools in Bhopal follows the teaching methodology that involves consistent and valuable interactions of teacher and a student which is really essential for grooming the child. The teachers need to be quick to provide a needed guidance and encouragement to students


Importance of Extra-curricular Activities for Academic Performance

It has been a long-term debate about the significance of the extra-curricular activities in CBSE schools. Some parents believe by conducting such activities, school wastes the time that can be consumed in teaching the academics. However, their beliefs need to be dismissed because the extra-curricular activities play a major role in enhancing the overall performance of a student. The best CBSE schools in Bhopal have proved it as they have 100% results better than the schools that don’t conduct such activities. Therefore, the students are encouraged to participate in such activities to empower their skills and capabilities towards a better academic learning. Students get a broad opportunity to excel their skills not just in the classroom, but, also, outside. Let’s check out the major benefits of it:

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Overall personality development – in this competitive edge, it has become essential that the students should excel in their all-round personality to meet the upcoming challenges in between the turbulent path of successful career. Thus, experience and appreciation received during the activities help the students to perform well during their internships and sponsored programs.

Strengthen self-confidence – The goal of CBSE Schools in Bhopal while conducting co-curricular activities is to provide better fitness and inculcate a sense of competitive spirit, sportsmanship, meticulousness, leadership, cooperation, team work, and all these jointly strengthen a level of self-confidence in students.

Enhancing specialized skills – Every child is gifted with some specialized skills. These skills can be identified and polished through the extra-curricular activities by analyzing the interest and performance of a student in a particular activity. In this way, they can achieve excellence in their skills and choose a career with their interest of choice.

Improved academic performance – Several research studies have proved that students participating in their hobbies have achieved superior academic results. Their academic performance tremendously increases as they learn to perform outside the classroom as well.

Greater opportunities – The best CBSE Schools in Bhopal open the doors of greater opportunity where the students can participate in inter-school competitions.

Best CBSE Schools in Bhopal Strives Towards Excellence

Best CBSE Schools in Bhopal shall impart total education in a serious, dedicated and self-confident way to carry about qualitative progress in all aspects of education. We will inculcate in our pupil, the perpetual values that will support them to enhance their true potential to the optimum. We will work selflessly to make this planet a better place. We look to inspire rather than dictate. We endeavor towards realization and appreciation rather than condemnation.


We strive to develop our sensitivity towards all; to work together as a crew by accepting each other’s shortcomings. Our effort will be to be open to recommendations. Our School will be a platform where harmony, cooperation, and peace exist and where each will continue to develop and strive towards excellence.

“Inevitable to the quality of life is the captivity to work together, learn from each other, and support each other to blossom”.

It is a proud moment for the school and for the pupil as well. The school has come a long way crossing various hurdles, to reach the present status, standards, class, and esteem. With a motto to equip the pupil with a unique knowledge base combined with overall personality development, the school has stood up to its aim ‘knowledge for peace and progress’

The school has always; therefore put effort for bringing in each student, their individual potential to excel not only in school but in life as well. Education carves pupil with values that will decide the course of their career. They say ‘If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people’. We, at SBBPS, believe in the latter.

With the sort of infrastructure the school has, it has been possible for us to never compromise on the quality of holistic, moral and spiritual education. The Best CBSE Schools in Bhopal has been positively pursuing the development of the young citizens of this country. As of today, the fields of activity being pursued consist a wise mix of the mental, the physical and spiritual development of each child.

Get Student-centered learning environment at the Best CBSE Schools in Bhopal

Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to find out about Best CBSE Schools in Bhopal. We pride ourselves on being a friendly and open school that offers a high-quality education for all our children. At our school, we incorporate diverse teaching methodologies and experiences to provide an engaging, student-centered learning environment. We encourage the child to learn by doing and explore new ideas making learning a realistic and relevant experience. There is an emphasis on using the rich range of resources available to us in the local area and beyond, as we believe that this helps to develop lively and enquiring minds and teaches children important life skills. We ensure an interactive learning approach beyond the frontiers of formal education to promote the social, moral and ethical development of every student. Continue reading “Get Student-centered learning environment at the Best CBSE Schools in Bhopal”

What Makes Us Ranked among the Top CBSE schools in Bhopal?

Shree Bhavan’s Bharti Public School (SBBPS) is one of the leading CBSE Schools in Bhopal. We believe in excellence and thus, we offer the natural, all-inclusive, and student-centric environment for empowering, encouraging, and inspiring the mind, soul, and body of the students. We facilitate featured facilities and amenities for every child where they can develop their self-confidence, self-esteem, and successfully achieve their individual potential. Throughout the academic year, our highly trained, experienced, and skilled faculty focuses on all the core subjects from Nursery to Standard XII and follows the advanced teaching techniques for developing and polishing the learning capabilities of all the students. Our teaching techniques are designed in a way that the students don’t feel pressurized during the entire academic year. We emphasize on students’ overall personality development and developing various skills like communication, confidence, time and anger management, socially behaving, teamwork, and etiquettes by conducting various programs and activities.

Teacher helping students in art class

We are ranked top among the best CBSE Schools in Bhopal because of our exceptional academic standards followed by our faculty which delivers a discrete advantage to our students for guiding their career path, no matter which field they want to opt for. With these standards, we are aimed at helping the students for deeper and clearer understanding of the all the core subjects. Also, we serve various outdoor activities as well to serve the students with better physical and mental development.

Moreover, the school‘s administration and academics management have adopted the latest technology to optimize the administrative, teaching, and communication standards. With this regard, we trusted among the top CBSE Schools in Bhopal where the parents are not required concerning about their child’s activities and performance at the institution because we put child’s safety, security, well-being, and performance on our key concerns. We organize a Parent-Teacher Meet at timely intervals to let the parents know about their child’s performance. Further, even if the parents feel the need of contacting with our faculty members or administrative department, they are always welcomed.

Best schools in Bhopal – Balanced Combination of Academics and Infrastructure

Doesn’t matter where your school ranks among the best schools in Bhopal, but what makes it among to be ranked on the top is the well-academic structure along with extraordinary facilities and amenities. It is disbelieved that it is the academic structure that makes the school to be ranked on the top, true to the extent, but, the facilities also play a major role in establishing a school’s reputation. The academic and curriculum culture serves the best opportunities to students to let them headway in a progressive career path. Some great facilities and amenities let the student learn in a much broader sense such as science laboratories (physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology), computer labs, library, playground, etc. Such facilities encourage a student to broaden their grasping capabilities to cater their broad range of interests.


For most of us, the school’s building is the first thing that we notice and this is the key component that makes a reputation to be named among the best schools in Bhopal because the infrastructure reflects the status and culture of the institution. Today, the parents have become society freak and they don’t want to send their child to a not much popular school. Thus, looks for the best in class facilities such as transportation, music rooms, laboratories, and additional features before enrolling their child.

Transportation – Most of the popular schools are situated far from the city places because of their large built up area, and that is why the parents make sure that the school’s transportation facility is having a wide network.

Music rooms – Yes, they are important too. Music relaxes the mind, body, and soul so that the students can focus more and can be able to perform beyond their capacity.

Laboratories – The laboratories serve the practical knowledge and they tend to let the student learn the concepts in a much broader sense.

Additional Features – The best schools in Bhopal serve additional features such as swimming pool, horse riding, skating, etc.

Benefits of Enrolling a Child in CBSE affiliated school of Bhopal

CBSE Affiliated School of Bhopal

The educational sector is booming in India as the parents have realized that the education plays a vital role in directing the career path and bright future of their child. The education system of India is generally affiliated either with the CBSE board or State board. Compared to the state board, CBSE Affiliated School of Bhopal serves the better educational programs to encourage a child for a better tomorrow. CBSE is a well-established and renowned education board focused on polishing the capabilities and skills of the student to get prepared to survive in this competitive world. A school is said to be child’s second home where he learns to get socialize and taking decisions by self. A child’s overall development depends upon the quality education that the school is serving.

Benefits of CBSE Board education:

  • Recognition – CBSE is a national level education system and thus, seeking affiliation and accreditation is the first and foremost benefit it has over the state board educational system. CBSE Affiliated School of Bhopal is recognized among the Central Board of Secondary Education.
  • Curriculum support – As CBSE is an independent body of education that provides the schools with an easy to grasp curriculum as compared to other boards. The curriculum is crafted with the student-centric approach so that the students don’t feel burdened or pressurized during their academic session. The syllabus is divided into sections; this makes it easy for a student to find the curriculum easy to learn and understand resulting in a better scoring in all the subjects.
  • Easily accessible – Thousands of schools are CBSE affiliated around the country and thus, it becomes easy to find a CBSE school no matter in which city or state you are. Suppose, the father is transferred from Indore to Bhopal and so the family also has to move from one city to another. In such a case, CBSE Affiliated School of Bhopal can be easily found as there are more than 40 schools affiliated to the CBSE board.