Move Towards Bright Future of Your Child with CBSE Affiliated School in Bhopal

SBBPS is known as one of the best CBSE Affiliated School of Bhopal. We provide them homely and disciplined atmosphere in which they are developed mentally and physically as well. SBBPS campus has a huge building surrounded by green voluptuous trees, gardens, Children Park and a Brobdingnagian playground.

CBSE Affiliated School of Bhopal

Infrastructure: –

  1. Auditorium: we have a full air conditioned auditorium with an enough seating capacity. It has a pretty good spacious stage to perform.
  2. Library: we provide students a well maintained and spacious library in both the sections of primary and secondary. Where we have a great collection of books, magazines, encyclopedia, comics for entertainment. Etc.
  3. Laboratory: For senior section, we provide the well-equipped laboratory for physics, chemistry, and biology as well.
  4. Play Room: As everything should be on the same level, indoor and outdoor both type of games are necessary for children’s mental and physical health.

Extra-curricular activities

  1. Art & Craft: we provide the facility of arts and crafts, apart from studies child need to learn art and craft too.
  2. Music and Dance (Classical & Western): music and dance are a part of Indian culture as well. Many students are interested and eager to learn music and dance.
  3. Robotics: none of the Best CBSE Affiliated School of Bhopal provides robotics study. This branch deals with the study of technologies, construction, manufacturing machinery, computer etc.
  4. School Band: we offer and train our school students to perform on the occasional events. We have our own band which is played and performed by the students of our school.

House activities

Students get divided into four houses of four colors, those are red, orange, yellow and green, apart from these colors there is also a blue color which is worn by the head girl and head boy of the school.

Inter house competitions are held in a couple of months for sports, cultural programs, and academics as well. Every person of the school takes part in these activities including teachers and presidents of the school. House teacher, house captains, and house vice-captains are there for the cooperation and manage the events to accomplish it successfully.


Author: Shree Bhavan's Bharti Public School (SBBPS) Bhopal

Shree Bhavan's Bharti Public School (SBBPS) is CBSE affiliated school in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The school aim is to provide best education for students at any level. We provide best curriculum and facilities for Nursery, Play School, Kinder Garden and Higher Secondary students. We give best results in High school and higher secondary school exams.

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