Get Student-centered learning environment at the Best CBSE Schools in Bhopal

Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to find out about Best CBSE Schools in Bhopal. We pride ourselves on being a friendly and open school that offers a high-quality education for all our children. At our school, we incorporate diverse teaching methodologies and experiences to provide an engaging, student-centered learning environment. We encourage the child to learn by doing and explore new ideas making learning a realistic and relevant experience. There is an emphasis on using the rich range of resources available to us in the local area and beyond, as we believe that this helps to develop lively and enquiring minds and teaches children important life skills. We ensure an interactive learning approach beyond the frontiers of formal education to promote the social, moral and ethical development of every student.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular activities are an inherent part of the Best CBSE Schools in Bhopal and it is our endeavor to achieve high development of each child and enhance multiple bits of intelligence. The innate and inherent talent of each child is identified, manifested and nurtured to perfection. Garnets of activities are organized to enable each child to excel at least in one field.

Our ethos is embodied in drama, songs, competitions, discussions, and seminars. All this encourage the morale of the students in different ways.

As always, Students keenly participate and perform commendably in different events and activities. Some of them also secured high ranks at the state and National level.


The Best CBSE Schools in Bhopal seeks the cooperation of parents in maintaining high standards of discipline among the students of the school within and outside the school premises. Parents are requested to ensure that students do not carry mobiles, iPods or other electronic instruments to the school since the possession of such items in the school is strictly banned, students may be given daily pocket money only to cover the cost of travel and refreshments. Persistent behavioral problems, if any, will be brought to the notice of the parents.

Selecting best CBSE Schools in Bhopal is all about bright future of your child!



Author: Shree Bhavan's Bharti Public School (SBBPS) Bhopal

Shree Bhavan's Bharti Public School (SBBPS) is CBSE affiliated school in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The school aim is to provide best education for students at any level. We provide best curriculum and facilities for Nursery, Play School, Kinder Garden and Higher Secondary students. We give best results in High school and higher secondary school exams.

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